Spreader Positie Meetsysteem Grote Kranen- IRM100



  • Infra Red Measurement system for spreaders on large cranes
  • Ideal for anti sway
  • Uses an optical sensor (PSD)
  • Idustrial robust housing
  • Measuring range up to 40 meters
  • Proven technology





The IRM100 is a measurement system which consists of an infrared transmitter and a receiver unit. The infrared transmitter is mounted on the spreader of the crane, the receiver is mounted perpendicular above it. Instead of using a camera system we use a so called PSD. This Position Sensitive Device is able to locate a light spot with high accuray. The system measures the sway angle in both crane and trolley direction and the spreader skew angle. The  housing is made of stainless steal and mounted with heavy duty wire springs to avoid damage during heavy operations. The IRM100 is designed for large cranes and has a vertical measuring range of 40 meters. For smaller cranes we have the IRM300 wich has a vertical measuring range of 25 meters.



Specification form IRM100


Vertical measuring range  


3m to 40m

Distance sensor – light source.
 Sway angle 

5°/-5° optional +8°/-8°                                             

Measuring in both cabin and crane direction.

Skew angle 10000 * tan(d) 
 Allowable tilt spreaderMax 12°    Maximum tilt during operations. 

Horizontal resolution

1 mm / 10 m 

Depends on distance between sensor and light source.

Cycle time8 * 10-3 second 
Operating temperature-25°C to + 60°C 
Sensor supply voltage24V DC < 0,3 A 
Light source power supply 


24V DC < 1 A 
Data busUp to 3Mbit

Profibus for:

  • Sway in cabin direction.
  • Sway in crane direction.
  • Skew angle.
  • Status information.
2x serial ports  For interfacing to other networks.
Protection against pollutionCoating on the glass 
Shock absorbers for the light sourceWire springs 
Alignment tools9 LED’sBuilt-in.
Communication checkLED’sBuilt-in.
Error output (light source not detected) 

Optocoupler isolated Transistor

System dimensions



(L x W x H)

400 x 300 x400 mm

600 x 300 x 280 mm


15 Kg

46 Kg