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BTG Special Products B.V. designs, builds, installs and maintains measurement and positioning systems for the automated port.  


We offer:


  • Standard solutions for vehicle (AGV), crane and trolley positioning using RFID (transponder technology), with the possibility of absolute measurement up to 2 mm;
  • Infrared measurement systems for sway and skew angle measurement on spreaders;  
  • Vehicle location and identification systems;
  • Custom made solutions based on RFID;
  • Installation and maintenance activities;
  • Online access to customer product documentation, system settings and maintenance history. 


We have more than 15 years of experience and well over 1500 positioning systems on QC, ASC, SC and AGV up and running in the automated port of Rotterdam alone.
Our solutions are also used in the ports of Antwerp, Dubai, Hamburg, Felixstowe, Los Angeles and London.

         BTG Special Products B.V. is ISO 9001 en VCA* certified.